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Pergolas, sheds and patios need a stable foundation.
You’ll Need Concrete
Pergolas and Decks

Picture a shaded seating area in your garden, an open place where your family can gather, eat, and laugh together. Not only are you protected from direct sunlight, but you’re also surrounded by verdant grass, trellises, colorful flowers, and trees. It’s a perfect place for you — and your family — to kick back, relax, and enjoy the gentle summer breeze. If this sounds appealing to you, perhaps it’s time to construct a pergola.  You’ll want it to last for years and one key component is the footings used for the construction.

Pergolas are a classic structure found in many homes and restaurants. Many companies also add them to their commercial buildings to enhance the outdoor space they provide for employees.  They allow you to bring the comfort of the indoors to the outdoors, making them great meeting, dining, and relaxation areas. We’re here to help you build the perfect private oasis out on your patio or in the garden. Our experts work with you to create a solid foundation for your custom, luxurious space that will add greatly to the beauty of your home.

What kinds of pergolas are you building?
Every pergola is a unique, custom-built structure for your space and vision. If we make one for you, we’ll also follow the latest pergola construction trends of 2020. There are three broad categories of pergolas:

  • Attached Pergolas: These Pergolas are linked to an existing building, like a home, balcony or a pool deck. The advantage of that is you don’t have to go very far if you want to access them — making them convenient places for dining with guests. If you have an outdoor grill, you can place it here and enjoy barbecue nights. Attach a canopy at the top, for when it rains. Retractable canopies are among the top Pergola construction trends 2017-2018. Even though they are attached to the house, you will still benefit by incorporating concrete footings.
  • Free Standing Pergolas: Free-standing pergolas aren’t linked to a structure. They can be placed anywhere, like in the middle of your garden. They provide a little more privacy than attached ones and can be a good choice if you want to get away from all the noise and clutter. Many choose to grow trellises and vines along the sides and tops of such a structure, creating a nice sheltered sanctuary.  Having the right concrete foundation is key to the stability of this standalone structure.  It must be anchored properly so that is doesn’t lean or shift over the years.
  • Smart Pergolas: Going by pergola construction trends 2017-2018, smart Pergolas are very popular. You can control them handily with a smartphone; the slats rotate to let in more (or less) sunlight, and the shade extends if it rains. Some have sensors, so they automatically set themselves depending on local conditions. Smart Pergolas can be used late in the year, as opposed to just in summer.  We saw a few on display at the Jacksonville Home and Patio Show this year! They really came in handy on that last rainy day.

What happens to your pergola in adverse weather, like storms? Properly secured pergolas are enormously sturdy and durable. They can weather storms, snow, and even hurricanes. Our team specializes in creating safe, robust structures – without compromising even a little on the aesthetics. We always use high-quality materials and — most importantly – we have a great deal of experience with outdoor designs.  Combine a pergola with a stamped concrete patio and you’ll have the best of both worlds.

You can trust us to build something that will stand the test of time.

Pergolas have a lot going for them: they are expansive (unlike arbors), they double as wonderful show pieces, and they are easy to build. With our assistance, you can create an idyllic place, something you and your family can be proud of.

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If you are considering a landscaping project, you owe it to your self to consider concrete for the foundation for the pergola or screened enclosure.  Adding some decorative flair will make the functional fantastic.  Check out this stamped and stained concrete patio.  We can create a durable and beautiful finish that won’t look like concrete.

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