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Concrete Patios and Pool Decks
Court’s Concrete Contractors creates beautiful stamped concrete patios and pool surrounds.
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Decorative Concrete Patios, Pool Decks and Pathways
Decorative concrete designs come in a wide variety, which means homeowners are truly spoiled for choice. We can help bring any concrete designs alive thanks to our years of experience. Our team has the capacity to employ an array of staining, stamping and painting techniques to achieve impressive results. Concrete staining makes it easier to add a splash of color to existing or new outdoor surfaces.

Acid Stained Concrete

Acid staining is a practical way to tint outdoor concrete. This option provides equal parts aesthetic appeal and versatility to ensure that surfaces jazz up your property’s appearance. We use metallic salts to produce a chemical reaction that transforms the concrete’s appearance. The salts react when blended with lime content in the concrete. As a result, we create a permanent color solution.

Acid staining techniques are best handled by our experienced crew because the entire process is complex and delicate. The chemical reaction must be carefully controlled to achieve best results. The staining is ideal for patios, driveways and outdoor walks. This option is highly effective, affordable and permanent.

Stamped Concrete Patios

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Scored Patterns

Scored concrete adds shape and texture to outdoor surfaces. To achieve the desired results, we employ several application techniques. Our team of experienced installers can help you select the ideal color that complements existing structures. Once the color has been chosen, we proceed to cut sections of the concrete using a circular saw. This prepares the surface for decorative finishes.

Many people prefer using an array of shades to produce eye-catching patterns that stand out. When the scoring is complete, we seal the surfaces to ensure that the designs retain their shape.

Patterns in Staining

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For more information on trends in Outdoor Concrete staining and stamping painting and sealing, get in touch with us via phone or email. We are specialists in installing different types of outdoor surfaces that improve your property’s aesthetic appeal..

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At Court’s Concrete Contractors, we provide a wide range of services to help you customize your properties both inside and out.  Contact us today for more information about of specials.
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Stamped Outdoor Concrete

Stamped concrete is another popular design choice that is well suited for outdoor applications. We can use various stamping techniques to create a look that resembles natural stone tile, wood grain or brick for various areas, including pools and patios. We recommend using a single color when opting for stamped concrete. Doing so better highlights the style and pattern of the stamping design. Too many colors or shades can look busy and jumbled.

However, you can still go for a multicolored surface, which combines different textures and patterns. This enables you to achieve a custom appearance and take advantage of a wide variety of design options.

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Concrete Removal vs Resurfacing?

In some cases, clients call us for removal and we can actually salvage the concrete slab and just resurface it.  It saves money and time for the homeowner.  Call today to see if we may be able to help you too. 904-204-2408.

Concrete Calculator?

A calculator alone can’t tell you everything.  You need an expert concrete contractor to answer questions, take measurements and to analzye your soil and the load on the foundation.  Eveything isn’t a DIY concrete job.  Call for help. 904-204-2408.

Stamped Concrete vs Concrete Pavers

There are pros and cons to each material.  Pavers can shift if not installed professionally.  But they are also easily repositioned if you decide to make a change later.  Concrete is semi-permanent and immobile but that means that you’re also stuck with the end product, even if you don’t love it.  Let us answer your questions, make a recommendation and give you a quote on both. 904-204-2408.

How Much Does a Concrete Patio Cost in Jacksonville Fl?

Concrete is a commodity product for sure but the craftsmanship that goes into making it beautiful and functional is not  Just because a concrete company quotes you the cheapest prices, it could cost you in other ways.  Let us show you why we are the perfect for you next project. 904-204-2408.

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Stained Walkways and Patios

Patterns of staining is a popular trend that involves the creation of stunning patterns and designs on the surfaces. This option produces beautiful designs comprising intricate patterns, which are stained in various areas. The geometric designs come in different shades to achieve an attractive appearance. The resulting look can add a touch of elegance to any property. It is a viable way to jazz up a patio or driveway.

In some cases, we can use stenciling techniques to produce eye-catching shapes or patterns, such as leaves and flowers. The technique helps create an attractive, customized look that lasts for many years.