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Concrete Footings
Whether you need concrete footings for your house or deck, we are the right contractor for the job.
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Need Concrete Footings for Your Construction Project?

Footings are vital to the construction of any foundation. They are usually made up of concrete with rebar reinforcement filled into an excavated trench. The main purpose of footings is to prevent settling and give support to the foundation. Concrete footings in Jacksonville FL are essential because so many areas of the city have soft soil.

The erection of footings is prescribed by the professionals who test the soil type and estimate the appropriate depth and width as well as the proper placement of the concrete footings. The type and size of the structure also influence the kind of footing to be installed. Precise positioning of the footings is critical to the stability of the concrete foundation and the structure that will be built on it. We employ experts to make sure your residential or commercial foundation is safe and reliable.

There are varying uses of concrete footings for a range of projects including pergola, deck, retaining wall and other types of construction. We can help you in all services related to concrete footings.

Retaining Walls

Footings are a great support for retaining walls.  Call our experts today.


Make sure that your pergola is sturdy and secur ewith concrete footings.  No one wants a flying pergola during hurricane season!


Secure your decks, patios and porches with solid footings.

Storage Sheds

We can pour footings and slabs for your storage shed, RV garage or backyard workshop.

Let Us Analyze Your Soil

How Does the Type of Soil Effect Footings?

Footings help in spreading out the weight of the foundation and enable the soil to bear the load. The weight spreads out at an angle of about 45-degree beneath the footing. The pressure on the soil lessens as the footing adjusts the load by spreading it out. The soil right beneath the footing should be appropriately compacted as it takes most of the burden.

The pressure of the foundation reduces on the ground deep under the footing but the soil right beneath the footing bears the maximum load, and therefore it becomes necessary to study the soil properly before starting the construction. Our team examines the soil and accordingly suggests the best course of action to make a strong foundation.

Let’s have a look at the different kinds of soil and their load-bearing capacities:

Class of Materials  Load-bearing Pressure
(Pounds per square foot)
Crystalline bedrock 12,000
Sandy gravel or gravel 5,000
Sedimentary rock 6,000
Sand, clayey sand, silty sand, clayey gravel and silty gravel 3,000
Clay, silty clay, sandy clay, and clay-ey silt 2,000
Planning Is Security

Common concrete footings issues

Water in Excavation

If there is pooled water in the trench, we can adjust for this. We can place large cobbles in the bottom and settle them down in the mud. Water and mud might fill the spaces between the stones. However, it will provide bearing. We also use stiffer concrete mix while casting the footings.

Soft Spots

Some sites have irregular soft spots. Soft spots can exist for a number of reasons, however, if you can sink a stake easily under hand pressure, it is a cause for concern. If the soft spot is not taken care of, it can pose a threat to the stability of your foundation in the near future. We help you eliminate the weak spots and offer a permanent solution, so your foundations are as steady as a rock.

Fixes for Misplaced Footing

We help you correct the position of the footings in the trench. If the foundation wall is not at the center of the footing, it has to be located correctly to support the foundation of the house. Our team of highly skilled professionals helps you fix the misplaced footings.

Build Your Structure With Solid Footings
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