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Concrete Driveways Jacksonville Fl

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Need A New Driveway or Walkway for Your Home or Business?

Is your driveway too narrow and you want to make it wider so that you can accommodate more cars? Or has settling caused large cracks or erosion?  Maybe it is old and stained and you really want to upgrade the front of your home.

Whatever the case, we have the experience and expertise to demolish the existing area, remove it and replace with a smooth, even, wide driveway.

Wider Driveways
As your family grows and the kids get cars of their own, you may need more space to park everything,  Even the larger trucks and SUVs require more space.  Call our experts today for a quick estimate.
Replace Your Existing Driveway

Sometimes, it’s more affordable to just replace the whole thing!  Why patch or resurface when you can get an entire new driveway for around the same cost.  By replacing the entire thing, we can correct any erosion issues and it will last longer.

Driveways for New Construction

If you’re building a new house, we can help by pouring the cement for your drive, garage, or porch.

Let Us Correct Your Problem

What’s the Problem with Your Jacksonville Driveway?

Cracks in the materials.  Cracks occur with pressure from heavy vehicles, moisture eroding the soil underneath and constant changes in temperature.  In Jacksonville Florida, we experience tremendous moisture and heat the sun is hotter than many other places in the world.  Over the years, this takes a toll on the materials.

Let’s have a look at the different kinds of repairs:

Repairs for Cracks Pros & Cons
DIY Compound Inexpensive but temporary. May not match.
Professional More Expensive but temporary. May not match.


Potholes.  Potholes also occur with pressure, moisture and constant changes in temperature.  they also become larger with time and can be a real tripping hazard for kids, the elderly or ladies in high-heeled shoes.  It can be a serious liability problem if you neglect to repair or replacing the area.

Let’s have a look at the different kinds of repairs:

Repairs for Potholes Pros & Cons
Compound Inexpensive but temporary. Won’t match the original surface.
Professional More Expensive but temporary.  Durability depends on the amount of traffic.

Common Considerations

Water and Erosion

It’s hard to tell how the water will drain from your home and property when it is first built.  But after a period of time, the patterns become apparent because we can see evidence of soil erosion.  If this occurs near the driveway we often see uneven sections, cracking, buckling and washouts.  Add the extra weight of a large vehicle and you can end up with a real mess.  Call us today to correct these issues.


Concrete Aprons and Curbs

Some Jacksonville driveways suffer from poorly designed aprons.  They were initially installed improperly or years of use and abuse have damaged them or caused them to crumble and deteriorate.  When we repair the approach to your house, we’ll take this into account and offer suggestions to avoid problems in the future.

Creating the Perfect Drive

Areas Served
We are proud to serve communities in Clay, Duval, Nassau,  and Saint Johns counties.

Clay County:
Oakleaf Plantation, Eagle Harbor, Eagle Landing, Argyle Forest, Keystone Heights, Orange Park Country Club,  Orange Park, Lakeside, Green Cove Springs, Bellair-Meadowbrook Terrace, Asbury Lake, Fleming Island and more.

Duval County:
San Marco, Riverside, Ortega,

Nassua County:
Fernandina Beach, Callahan, Hilliard, Amelia City, American Beach, Andrews, Becker, Boulogne, Bryceville, Chester, Crandall, Crawford, Dahoma, Dyal, Evergreen, Franklintown, Glenwood, Gross, Hedges, Hero, Ingle, Italia, Keene, Kent, Kings Ferry, Lessie, Mattox, Nassauville, O’Neil, Verdie, Yulee Heights

Saint Johns County:
Julington Creek Plantation, Aberdeen, Julington Lakes, Durbin Crossing, Palencia, Butler Beach, Crescent Beach, Flagler Estates, Fruit Cove, Nocatee, Palm Valley, Sawgrass, St. Augustine Shores, St. Augustine South, Villano Beach, World Golf Village, Mill Creek, Switzerland and more.